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We are working closely with Buyers and their purchase departments. Our involvement is pervasive when the client is working in the retail business. For this reason, we are trying to take over as many product categories as possible.


If you are a Producer of food or non-food products, please contact us and send your offers and catalogs so we can promote them to our clients.


After we receive positive responses, we will buy your products under our own name and our own risk and sell them to the Buyers directly. Hence, our company will also serve as a promotion agent.



We have a wide range and variety of products to offer. We would be glad to serve you as a one-stop-shop for different kinds of products-starting from rice from Pakistan and ending with non-food products from Netherlands.

Are you a producer

of food or non-food product?

Please, send us your offers and catalog,

so we can promote it to our clients!

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